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The 3 ways you can keep plant diseases out of your garden

One of the sure ways to keep your garden healthy is by keeping it safe from plant diseases that are known to wreak havoc in the garden. These diseases move from plant to plant killing them off until you have none left that are healthy and this leaves your garden looking weathered and an eyesore. In this article we would like to share with you ways of keeping the diseases off your garden. The idea is to actively be on the defense so that you don’t start fighting the diseases after they have affected your plants.

Here are the 3 ways you can keep plant diseases out of your garden.

Always examine the plants before you buy them

It’s usually easy to tell an infected plant because you will notice some kind of damage, withering or even discoloration on its leaves, roots, stem or other parts. If you are therefore buying seedlings that were grown in a nursery or fully grown plants, it will be important for you to inspect them for any potential signs of an infection. Here it’s advisable not to take any chances. However much you may want the plant on your garden, if it looks infected however slight it is, don’t take it.

Immediately prune damaged parts

Plant diseases usually spread gradually from one part of the plant to another it’s therefore important for you to always keep an eye out for any form of damage on the various parts of your plants. The moment you notice any form of damage, immediately prune the damaged part so that the infection does not spread. If, you have to, pluck out the entire plant from the garden. As you prune, ensure to use a very sharp tool so that you can make a clean cut as this ensures that the healing process will be rapid.

Avoid crowding your plants

Disease spread easily from plant to plant when your garden is too crowded. It’s therefore a good idea to ensure that as you are planting your garden, you avoid crowding your plants. When you space your plants well you will realize that it’s much easier for you to do regular inspection as well as pruning and this enables you to play more defensively against diseases as opposed to dealing with them after they have spread on your garden.

With these 3 defensive measures in place, you can be guaranteed of a healthy and beautiful garden.

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