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Plants – the 2 simple things you must do to keep them healthy

Different gardening guides will give you a long list of things you must do on a regular basis on your garden in order for your plants to be healthy. We however would like to summarize this list into the two basic things that you must never fail to do. These are two basic activities that must always be part of your gardening routine.

Here are the 2 simple things you must do to keep your plants healthy in your garden.

Ensuring that your plants have sufficient water

51 - Plants - the 2 simple things you must do to keep them healthy

Water is undoubtedly the most basic thing that your plants will need on a weekly basis. Most flowers will require watering a minimum of 2 times a week, and they will often need to be watered early in the morning and in the evening because at this time the soils are much cooler therefore the water will not be lost to evaporation. Watering during the day will have this effect and is therefore not advised. It’s also advisable to always pour the water straight into the ground and not on the leaves of the plants because water may damage the leaves and even result into the growth of mold. In the event you are likely not to have sufficient time to water your plants it’s advisable to install an irrigation system which can then be automated to water the plants at required times. Thanks to various technologies in the market, this is now very easy to do.

Never allow weeds to sprout on your garden

52 - Plants - the 2 simple things you must do to keep them healthy

Weeds are the number one reason why your plants will not get to be healthy because they tend to deprive your plants with all the nutrients in the soil. Weeds have adaptations that make them get to the nutrients before your plants do therefore they thrive at the expense of your plants. It’s therefore a good idea to have a plan in place on how you will actively prevent weeds from sprouting on your garden. You can do it manually by plucking them out, or automated using technology, but there is also a simple, cheaper and effective method known as mulching which will involves covering your soil with dried leaves and other plants from your backyard therefore ensuring there is no space left on the ground for weeds to grow. Mulching has the added benefit of enriching your soil with nutrients from the decomposing plants and leaves that you use.

When you diligently do these 2 simple activities on your garden on a regular basis you can be guaranteed of much healthier looking plants thereby enhancing the beauty of your garden. These are things you can do on your own without having to spend money on gardeners.

Try them out and you will be amazed with the good results.

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