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4 things to consider when planting your first garden

When setting up your first garden, things may feel a bit overwhelming and even intimidating at the same time exciting especially if you are engaging in this task without any help from some kind of professional gardener. With good planning and preparation however, the process can actually go very smoothly and in a couple of days you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Let’s take a look at 4 things you need to consider when planting your first garden.

The site where your garden will be set up

The site for a garden needs three basic things and they are sunshine, water and good soil. Thanks to innovations in gardening, today people don’t really require much space, or a yard to set up a garden. As long as you have ample space with access to light and water, you can basically import good soil from anywhere.

You need to decide what to grow

Before even deciding where to set up your garden, you need to decide what you want to grow as this will likely influence the site as well as space you will require. Since it’s your first garden, don’t overwhelm yourself with going too big. Start small and treat it as a pilot project and use opportunity to perfect your skills and as you get more and more confident, you can expand your garden.

Decide how you will prepare the soil

The method you use to cultivate your garden will mostly depend on the type of garden you will have chosen to set up. For instance, if your garden is on the ground, you will of course need to do a bit of tilling of the garden and adding manure. Of course, this is after you have gone through the process of soil testing to know the type, pH and so on. If you are using a containers or a raised bed then this is likely to be rather straight forward because you will get soil that is ready for planting.

Decide whether you will use seeds or seedlings

This will of course be dependent on what you choose to plant on your garden. Some plants will do well being planted while they are still seeds whereas other plants will first need to be grown in a nursery before they can be transferred to the garden. This is advice you can be given from your local garden store where you will be purchasing your seeds or seedlings.

Once you have these 4 things figured out, the next step is of course planting then dedicating time to care for and nurture your garden. In a few short days or weeks depending on what you have planted, you will begin seeing your plants sprout and even begin to flower. This is usually a very fulfilling experience and one we would recommend to anyone who is yet to try out gardening.

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