Acer Circinatum 'Sunglow'

A dwarf Pacific Vine Maple with small orange-apricot spring foliage.

This unique and highly desirable cultivar is a dwarf vine maple which slowly develops into a bushy 4 ft globe with attractive nearly circular leaves. They appear in the spring with shades of peach and orange-apricot hues (yummy!), then change to a light green in the summer. Fall brings on the purple and crimson coloring. Like some of the light-color leaved dwarf Circinatums as well as a few of the lighter Shirasawanums and Palmatums, Sunglow would enjoy and look its very best with a dapple afternoon exposure. Along with the subdued light often comes the threat of powdery mildew. It's best to keep a spray bottle of neem handy to catch it early on during the spring and later into summer nights if it does happen to appear. You'll know Sunglow is well named when you can view her in the afternoon shade with the spring colorshow in place and realize how bright the overall appearance can get for a few weeks!

Acer circinatum 'Pacific Fire' Deciduous Tree Zone 5
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