Abies procera 'Blau Hexe'

15" tall and 2 feet wide in 10 years.

A Dragonfly favorite, this is a spectacularly beautiful, slow growing Noble fir.

This Noble Fir cultivar is very sought after. The blue foliage is amazing. To see is to want. While the native Noble fir grows quickly into a stately landscape tree, for many gardens, there simply isn't space to enjoy the plush, green-blue needles. Fortunately *every* garden can grow one of these beauties. Growing between an inch and three inches a year, it forms a very lush, bright blue mound of the most beautiful needles you've ever seen on an evergreen. For best appearance, plant it in fast draining soil in full sun and give it weekly water in the Summer for the first two years. After that, enjoy this beauty for the rest of your life.

Abies procera 'Blau Hexe' Coniferous Tree Zone 6
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