Abies pinsapo 'Horstmann'

In ten years (HxW): 36" x 36"

Dwarf Spanish fir with beautiful light blue needles that completely surround the branching.

The Spanish fir is a magnificient cultivar with stiff, beautiful blue needles and reddish-purple 'pollen' cones that contrast beautifully with the sky blue needles. 'Horstmann' was discovered in Germany as a witch's broom in a specimen of pinsapo 'Glauca' by Gunther Horstmann. It grows slowly at first but gains momentum as it ages adding 6-8" per year. It normally grows into a low spreading mound and will eventually produce an upright leader which will allow one to encourage a stunning horizontal AND upright specimen all at once! Full sun and well drained soil for best appearance. Horstmann is EXTREMELY tolerant of drought. A Wabi Sabi Favorite.

Pinsapo 'Horstmann' is a stunning dwarf conifer with powder blue foliage. Pinsapo 'Horstmann' is one of the very best dwarf blue conifers ever! Coniferous Tree Zone 6
Wabi Sabi
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