Abies numidica 'Pendula'

In ten years (HxW): 5' x 3' if staked early

A definite Wabi Sabi favorite

Like most pendulous conifers, this form of Algerian Fir needs to be staked upright to instigate some form and structure unless a complete prostrate cultivar is desired. The branches are somewhat pendulous as well so the staked tree will flow with some graceful downward movement. 'Pendulous' can be encouraged to actually form a leader of its own with this initial staking so this process is not a continuous effort. Annual growth will eventually exceed 10-12". Full sun to entice this beauty into a magnificient focal point in the landscape. Plants available Sept. 2016.

Even a young staked numidica 'Pendula' displays grace and movement. All needles stand up on numidica 'Pendula' for outstanding overall character Coniferous Tree Zone 6
Wabi Sabi
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