Abies koreana 'Silberperle'

In ten years (HxW): 24" x 18"

A green and silver mound in youth that eventually grows into an outstanding pyramidal gem.

A miniature form of Korean fir which initially forms a low, wide 6-8" tall mound of green needles displaying silver undersides. Annual growth starts out at 1/2". Its growth buds are round and resin-coated resembling silver pearls. Eventually 'Silberpearle' will form a leader and grow at 2-3" per year resulting in an squat upright form 30" tall and 24" wide.
The original plant was discovered as a witch's broom in an Abies koreana by Gunter Horstmann in Schneverdingen, Germany. Several other plants named 'Silbermavers' and 'Silberzwerg' soon surfaced and have found to be the same plant so there's no need to purchase them all! Please note tender new growth in susceptible to sun scorch in spring! Plant in well draining soils.

At maturity 'Silberperle' becomes an outstanding broad pyramid 'Silberperle' in youth forms a low wide mound of green and silver needles Coniferous Tree Zone 5
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