Abies koreana 'Brevifolia'

In ten years (HxW): 3' x 12"

A unique dwarf conical fir that is a must-have for the conifer garden.

From the famous Jeddeloh family, another excellent dwarf conifer for the full sun landscape. This Korean fir cultivar is a narrow compact densely-branched conical upright that can grow eight to twelve inches a year. Brevifolia has the typical foliage shape and cones of Koreana but here both are much smaller than the norm with the immature cones being a stunning purple hue. This one would be an outstanding addition to your landscape. Definitely a Wabi Sabi favorite!

Brevifolia is a narrow dwarf upright Koreana fir for the small landscape. Brevifolia grows a miniature version of the wonderful Koreana fir foliage. Coniferous Tree Zone 6
Wabi Sabi
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