Abies alba 'Argau'

In ten years (HxW): 24" x 24"

A broadly spreading semi-upright dwarf

This European Silver fir was discovered as a witch's broom in the Czech Republic. Like most silver fir, Argau has a wonderfully clean sparkling appearance. The needles are a luscious green on top, a striking silver below. The buds are light brown and without resin. Argau can start out as a mounding dwarf but a leader will eventually appear sending the form much more upright. Annual growth can be 2-3 inches once it gets a good root system under itself. A Wabi Sabi favorite. Enjoy

Abies alba 'Argan' a gorgeous dwarf upright mounding fir. Dwarf white fir 'Argan' an upright mounding beauty. Coniferous Tree Zone 4
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