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5 amazing benefits of involving your kids in gardening

One of the major challenges parents usually face is getting their kids interested in activities that are not only beneficial to their social development but their academic development was well. Gardening is actually an activity that will help in achieving both of these if parents make it a habit to involve their kids in their gardening activities.

In this article, we are going to look at 5 amazing benefits of involving your kids in gardening.

It’s a way of introducing your kids to scientific concepts

Gardening can provide a very fun yet educative opportunity for kids to learn practical scientific concepts such as biology, botany as well as chemistry even before they are introduced to them in school. This ensures that by the time they are going through such topics in school, they already have prior practical knowledge and this enables them grasp the course content much faster.

It encourages family bonding

Gardening time can be a very good opportunity for parents and kids to get some much needed family bonding as they tend to the family garden, grow their own fruits and vegetables, and even harvest the food. Many parents who had developed such traditions while their kids were still young attest to being closer to their kids even as they are much older, and they still cherish family gardening time.

It’s a way to teach your kids about responsibility

Gardening is an activity that requires a high level of responsibility from a gardener because they have to learn to take great care of seeds, seedlings, and the soil among other activities. When you involve your kids in gardening and instill this aspect of being responsible for the garden, this is a sense of responsibility they will carry along in other aspects of their life.

Teaches them the benefit of caring for the environment

When you involve your kids in gardening from a very early age and in the process explain to them why it’s important to do it and how beneficial it is to the environments especially when it comes to concepts such as sustainable gardening, pesticides, composting, pollution, and recycling, among other environmental protection related concepts, they grow up with strong values about caring for the environment.

Teaches them to plan and organize

Because gardening is an activity that involves plenty of planning and organization because you have to plant when the soil, the season, the seed is right, you have to weed before weeds sprout, you have to water at the right times and so on. These are activities that instill in your kids the values of planning and organizing and this are habits they will carry in other aspects of their lives as well.

There you have it! Gardening is not just a fun past time activity but a very interesting way to impart your kids with really important academic as well as life lessons. If you are yet to try it with your kids, we trust that this article has convinced you to do so.

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