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Cool gadgets that will make your garden smart

Gardening is a fun, healthy and rewarding activity especially when you do it manually but it can at times get overwhelming. This is where technology comes in handy to offer you that much needed helping hand. Having the right technology in place will enable you to successfully manage your home garden despite your very busy day to day schedule.

Here are 3 cool gadgets that will make your garden smart therefore offering you a much needed helping hand.

1 Edyn Garden Sensor

Edyn Garden Sensor is as the name suggests, a smart sensor that you attach on the ground on your garden and it’s programmed to track conditions such on the garden such as moisture, humidity, light, and nutrition, and then this data is automatically cross-references with available data from the meteorological department in your region. Once the data has been analyzed, the system automatically gives you some advice as well as insights that have been tailor made for your garden such as fertilizer you can use, plants that are likely to thrive on the soil, and many more. The manufacturer also has other available sensors that you can pair with the garden sensor such as a valve sensor which allows your garden to be automatically watered when the moisture levels are low.

2 Rachio

Rachio is an integrated system that provides intelligent and automated watering which can be linked to your already existing irrigation system. Rachio works through a smartphone based app which will coordinate the sprinkling on demand by your sprinklers. This system can also enable you to set up a customized routine for watering your garden which has been designed to account for different factors such as soil and plant type, topography, sun exposure, and many more factors. In addition, the system will be able to make some automatic adjustments when there is a change in the weather as it gets live data from a network of weather stations within your region. Therefore the system will adjust your irrigation pattern to be aligned with the current weather forecast.

3 Tertill

Tertill is basically a robot that is operated using solar power and it’s programmed to patrol around your garden automatically searching for and cutting any weeds that have sprouted. Tertill will also work towards preventing the sprouting of other invasive plants through its wheels which are designed to crush them. The robot gets to do all this as it’s programmed to target the plants on the garden based on height therefore it will not damage the rest of your plants but rather focus on the weeds.

These are really cool tech gadgets that will tremendously improve your ability to manage your garden by giving you a much needed helping hand. Be sure to try them out.

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