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4 interesting health benefits associated with gardening

As we have mentioned time and time again in many of our past posts, gardening is not only good for the aesthetic appeal and functional benefits it brings to your home it also has tremendous health benefits to the gardener. It’s not only a therapeutic experience, but also results in a number of interesting health benefits.

In this article, we are going to look at 4 interesting health benefits associated with gardening.

It provides a great physical workout

Gardening is one of the best physical workouts for people of all ages regardless of how young or how old they are. Taking part in regular gardening activities will help strengthen your muscles, joints and bones as you engage them in the various physical tasks associated with gardening. Strengthened muscles, joints and bones will enable you carry out your daily physically demanding activities with much ease.

It’s an opportunity to adopt good nutrition

Having your own garden is a really good opportunity for you to adopt good nutrition by motivating you to grow your own food crops such as fruits, vegetables and herbs. When you are growing your own food you have the benefit of choosing plants with the highest nutritional value in addition to this, you will be getting them straight from your garden hence when very fresh and when most nutritious. Getting to enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits has tremendous benefits to your overall healthy wellbeing.

It’s a very relaxing experience

The day to day hectic schedules that people go through can be a very major source of stress especially when a person doesn’t have a good avenue for release. Unresolved stress is likely to lead to depression among other mental health problems and this will lead to increased headaches and irritability among other symptoms. It has however been proven that gardening is a very good way of relaxing therefore offering a good avenue for release of stress and depression. Getting to spend a couple of hours gardening will leave you feeling relaxed and reinvigorated thereby freeing you from problems associated with stress and depression.

Encourages socialization

Humans are typically social creatures and health experts believe that when a person fails to socialize well, they may not be able to fully go through the full required stages of development. Gardening provides a good solution to this because it’s a highly social activity that kids and grownups can engage in together thereby aiding in socialization and the formation of strong and beneficial relationships.

With such great benefits you have no excuse for not engaging in gardening. It may actually be the remedy you have been looking for to turn your life around health wise.

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