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Gardeners – the 4 basic characteristics you should look out for in a professional

There are times that we may need to call in professional gardeners to help out in our gardens because they are the experts. It’s however important to know that not all gardeners are the same. Therefore before you make a decision to award the gardening job to a particular gardener, you must first ensure that they are cut out to do the job both in terms of skill and also character.

This article seeks to look at the 4 basic characteristics you should look out for before you hire a professional gardener.

They must be very patient

The nature of gardening itself is a task that requires a lot of patience therefore a professional gardener needs to be an individual with plenty of patience. From the moment the garden is planned, the soil is prepared, and the seeds are bought or put in a nursery, to the period the plant is finally planted. In addition to the weeding, the pruning, until the garden finally shapes up, requires a patient person who will be ready to see the process through. Of course and still be ready to answer repeat questions from you.


They must love nature

Gardening is a passion and professional gardeners who are good at this job are good because they have a passion and love for nature. This is what will motivate them to learn everything there is to know about plants, about the soils, about the best planting seasons and everything there is to know about making gardens thrive. They will also be ready to offer you advice and insights on how to make your garden sustainable among many other things.

They must have a sense of creativity

Gardening is not just about planting and waiting for the garden to flourish, it involves choosing the right plants, the right arrangement, the right design and layout in order to make sure that the garden is both functional and appealing. The only way a professional gardener can be able to achieve this is if they have a sense of creativity.

They must be generous

A good professional gardener is one who is generous. They will not only be generous with their knowledge and skills but also with their time. They will devote everything to see your garden flourish and are not likely to charge you extra for the extra attention they give to your garden. You will often notice that what sets aside a generous gardener and one who isn’t is that the latter will make their service all about money whereas the former will be more focused in making your garden flourish.

As you are interviewing potential gardeners to help you out on your garden, be sure to engage them in probing conversations so that you are able to learn more about their characters especially in relation to these qualities.

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