Dragonfly Farms Nursery magazine seeks to inspire a movement of home owners with a passion for gardening and will achieve this through collecting, collating and regularly sharing, informative, insightful, educative and most importantly easy to apply ideas and tips from seasoned gardeners as well as professionals in gardening. Our emphasis will be on communicating sustainability through the use of organic, low maintenance, low cost, as well as innovative gardening ideas and best practices. At the end of the day we want gardening to be a fun, educative, fulfilling and a healthy activity that positively transforms lives. To achieve this, we welcome writers passionate about gardening to contribute by sharing their personal experiences on gardening. We are looking for content that is authentic.

Therefore if you are interested in becoming a contributor on Dragonfly Farms Nursery magazine please fill in the form on our Contact Us page telling us a little bit about you and your passion for gardening and a member of our editorial team will get back to you within 24 hours.